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Opportunities for the Season of Lent at Custer Road

The Season of Lent, a 40-day time of spiritual formation before Easter (April 20), officially begins with Ash Wednesday, March 5. However, this year at Custer Road we are stretching it out a bit. On March 2 we’ll begin a new sermon series for Lent on the Seven Deadly Sins, continuing through April 13. Taking things even deeper, the Seven Deadly Sins will be the theme of special weekly Lenten worship opportunities in the Chapel on Wednesday nights beginning March 12, (the Ash Wednesday service is in the Sanctuary) and I will lead a companion Bible study on the Seven Deadly Sins following the services. Click here to register.

Why the Seven Deadly Sins? Are we a Catholic church now? Well, no… but the Seven Deadly Sins were an important teaching tool well before there was a Catholic church, or a Methodist church, or any other denomination. This is just Christian Church stuff. The Sins as they are now formulated were solidified by Pope Gregory the Great in the 6th century. We’ll study them …

Prayer from Worship, Feb 16

Several folk (that's preacher talk for "more than one") complimented me on the prayer I shared in worship last Sunday. Here it is, for those who find it helpful. It is found in the United Methodist Book of Worship, page 546. Silent prayers may follow each petition.

O Healer of Galilee,
you are afflicted in the sufferings of your people
and are full of compassion and tender mercy.
Hear us as we pray for those who suffer:

For all who suffer trauma in body or mind...

For those whose livelihood is insecure,
the overworked, the hungry, the homeless, and the destitute,
for those who have been downtrodden, ruined,
and driven to despair...

For little children,
whose surroundings hide them from your love and beauty,
for all the fatherless and motherless...

For those who have to bear their burdens alone,
and for all who have lost those whom they love...

For those who are in doubt and anguish of soul,
for those who are oversensitive and afraid...

For those who suffer through their …

Hypnotic Lunch Break

(So I logged in to write this post, and noticed a comment awaiting moderation-- years ago I turned off automatic comments because of bots and loony tunes people. The comment was posted to a sermon on greed from a while ago. It said, in part, "Wow this is the most shocking blog I have seen on the Internet." Yeah. I don't think so. There may be some unorthodox posts, sermons, and movie reviews, but the most shocking blog on the Internet?? Not sure about that.)

I spent some time exploring today. The morning I explored various bike stores, shopping for a bike for Miles, who turns 9 next weekend-- time to leave the training wheels behind forever! I started at Academy, which was my first stop because it was open before 10:00. Then I drifted to Sun and Ski, then finally to the always glorious Richardson Bike Mart. Then I ventured across the street to Hypnotic Donuts, not for the sweet stuff but for their amazing chicken biscuit. I enjoyed it on a park bench looking out upon Whi…