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Numbers Game

Last week the clergy of the North Texas Conference met for our annual Covenant Renewal Day (I say annual- it was annual a decade ago, but it's been hit and miss with recent bishops). I was glad that our new Bishop, Mike McKee, brought the practice back. He spoke to us about his understanding of the appointive process. This time of year is always an anxious one for pastors, as we know the Cabinet is meeting to begin the process of assigning pastors. He also thanked us in advance for finishing "Check Out," the day we report our numbers to the Annual Conference (membership, worship attendance, monies received and spent, etc.) It's a long, tenuous number crunching that brings few pastors joy. But, Bishop McKee reminded us, each number represents a person who knows Jesus.

In crunching those numbers, I thought of the faces they represent- many new folks, as well as long time ones. Yesterday I went to the annual conference archives to dig up some historical numbers for Oak …

The Truth Will Set Us Free: Lance, Manti, You, and Me

If you have been anywhere within communication range of media this week (who isn't anymore? hmmm..) you have heard something of a couple of scandals rocking the sports world. Lance Armstrong, fellow Texan and one-time legendary cyclist, finally admitted to Oprah that he did in fact cheat-- after years of vehement denials. And a star college football player admitted to being the victim of an elaborate hoax-- and the details are still developing.

Personally, Lance Armstrong wore me out years ago. I'll admit a certain sense of American and Texan pride in his victories at the Tour de France, and his Livestrong Foundation has raised millions for cancer research. Reports were all over the place for years about how the guy was ungracious to people-- not only competitors, but teammates, friends, loved ones. I have no idea, and do not intend to judge him. I don't know the guy, but the way he handled himself, especially as allegations of cheating multiplied over the last couple of y…