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yesterday i had a great day off.  after a wonderful breakfast, i went to the cinema for a double feature: moneyball and drive.  drive i knew nothing about, except that after seeing crazy stupid love i became a ryan gosling fan; moneyball, on the other hand, was a book by michael lewis, which i read several years ago.  as a baseball junkie, i was fascinated by the idea that baseball could be remarkably predictable: formulas and calculations, not the physical or psychological cliches we hear about during every game, would determine which players were successful.

after the 2001 season, the a's lost some key players to richer teams.  they decided to overhaul their system of player evaluation and development.  they wanted players to walk more-- on base percentage (obp) was their most important statistic, not home runs or batting average.  they were not interested in avoiding errors (the book argues against the use of the term "error"-- why does a moral term like that belong …

Oak Lawn Vision Quiz

We’re beginning a process for establishing a new vision for Oak Lawn—how appropriate as we gather this Sunday to celebrate 137 years of ministry!  As an act of worship today we will complete a brief survey together.  Next week members of our Church Council will host listening sessions, where members and friends of Oak Lawn can come together for a time of sharing hopes and dreams.  There are also opportunities for online discussions.  Check out our Facebook page:, follow me on Twitter: @revdrfd3, or post to my blog: Part of the vision process is knowing what is going on in our community.  Based on some demographic information offered through the North Texas Conference (brought to my attention by Joan Wu and Patrick Aunkst), here’s a quiz:
Which group will grow between today and 2015: Those with less than a ninth grade education, or those with a college education?
By 2015, most households in 75219 will have an income of: a.Less than …

Swords into Plowshares

“Where were you on September 11?”I don’t know how many times I have heard or seen that question asked over the past couple of weeks.Most of us can say exactly where we are when we heard the news of the attacks on our country.Christy and I were in our apartment on Henderson Avenue getting ready for work.We were watching the Today show, which was rare for me.We watched live, as most of here and billions around the world did, as the second plane hit the World Trade Center.We were horrified, unsure what to do next.She drove to her job, near SMU, and I drove here, where I served as Associate Pastor.I remember driving along Turtle Creek listening to the radio and worrying about Dallas being attacked.It was doubly terrifying for me—Christy and I had just learned the day before, September 10, that she was pregnant with our first child, James.Throughout the day I struggled with guilt, watching and reading of great human suffering, while at the same time feeling joy about our own news.
When I …