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you can go home again

(yes, i am sitting in my parents' home in bay city, but no, that's not what the title refers to.)
yesterday dad and i drove in to houston for a double feature at the cinema and dinner. we saw the dark knight (my 3rd time) and the x-files. yes, the dark knight is every bit as good as everyone says, and better. usually when everyone loves someone or something i don't, mostly out of (self) righteous indignation. i never saw home alone in the 80s; i have never seen american idol. but as for the dark knight, well, it's special. not since pulp fiction have i seen a movie three times in one week.

the x files (2008), on the other hand, is not so special. i wish i could claim to be one of those geeks plugged in to mulder and scully from episode 1, but i am not. it was only after it began to be noticed by a wider audience that i became a fan. it was still on friday nights, so i got hooked early. right about the time christy and i started dating, the fall of 1995. i was a committe…

hurricane harbor?

the boys and i drove down to bay city yesterday for a few days with cousins and grandparents (christy is going on a junior high mission trip this afternoon for the weekend). we had a couple of possible bumps in the road to keep us from coming: linus had a cold and hardly slept at all tuesday night; and oh yeah, hurricane dolly, barreling down on brownsville, 300 miles away. the weather channel reported 100% chance of thunderstorms and squalls, beginning wednesday evening, continuing all the day thursday. so we took off. baby felt better, star wars was rolling on the dvd, and i had my book on cd: the world is flat. after four hours of sunshine, we rolled in to houston, and the clouds turned dark gray. on the north side of town, everything opened up, directly over our van! thankfully the other drivers were aware of the possibility of big rain, so they were ready. we slowed down, and after a couple of hairy minutes it passed. this has been the total impact of dolly, at least in this part …

staff happens

one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being a pastor is working with church staff. God uniquely gifts each of us, and a few of us use those gifts through vocational ministry-- what we do for a living. it is very difficult work, involving lots of sacrifice. sometimes people forget to appreciate staff members, who almost always are over-talented and underpaid. the corporate world would certainly pay at a much higher level-- but church staff serve the Lord first, not the bottom line.

sometimes it seems like staff issues is full-time work in itself, especially when we must say goodbye to folks because their needs change or the church's needs change. our children's minister, cassie payne, recently resigned her position in order to spend more time with family. she did great work in her position, and the church is better off with the children's ministry than before she started-- always the sign we look for. our search for a youth pastor is ongoing. there is…

grow where you are planted

woo hoo! 100th blog post! do i get a prize or something?

last week at bridgeport camp was great. while i was there, i realized i had not been to junior high camp since i myself was that age-- say, 1984. gosh, have young boys changed since then! i remember how quiet and respectful i was at that age.. but now, forget about it! as i said on sunday in my sermon, the quality of conversation between the boys in the cabin left much to be desired-- specifially, i desired to be anywhere else! i am grateful to the camp directors, who with very little support did a great job. most importantly, the kids had a great time.

i spent much of the week at bridgeport asking God why i was there. i had not planned to go-- i honestly only went because i was afraid the dozen or so from prosper would be stranded at home if no adult attended. so whenever i had some free time, i concentrated on hearing God's voice-- what was my purpose? about mid-way in the week i realized there was a great chance i was being…