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a prayer for thanksgiving

It is always right, O God, to praise you and bless your name. Even if the harvests fail, even when our economies falter, still you are our God; still you bless us richly. Help us to see your active hand in bounty or in scarcity, in pain as well as pleasure. When we fail to see you at work we fall into the sin of ingratitude, or even suppose that all that we have is the work of our own hands, the result of our own intelligence and industry. Forgive us, and save us from an existence so self-centered. Set us free from greedy and grasping hearts.

By your generosity to us, teach us to be generous to others, and thus to give evidence to you that we are indeed your thankful people. This we pray through Jesus Christ, your most gracious and enduring gift to us, for whom be everlasting praise. Amen.

-- from a wesleyan way of prayer, by laurence hull stookey. i highly recommend it for a daily devotional resource. the references to the failing economy and times of scarcity are obviously ve…

when socks don't match

i was just about to head out the door (yes, i realize it is nearly 1:00 p.m.-- can you blame me for being lazy on a rare free friday??), on the way to mckinney to run some errands. i grabbed socks from the sock drawer, noticed they both had yellow toes, put them on, then the shoes. but i had a haunting suspicion: were they the same yellow-toed socks, or were they different? one seemed to feel slightly different than the other. the groves around my ankles seemed slightly wider on one foot than the other. would anyone notice? i thought. no i answered. but i would notice. i unlaced both shoes and discovered that the socks were, indeed, different.

i seriously doubt anyone at the post office, home depot, or the dmv would care. just another 30-something slob who obviously dosen't live with mom anymore (hi, mom!) but it did make me wonder: how often do we have things going on in life that we know are wrong, but think, "it doesn't matter; no one will notice!" maybe …