We Have a Vision!

Please note: This vision will appear in the August newsletter and as a bulletin insert the next two Sundays.

Joel Committee Report
Prosper United Methodist Church, July 2007
“Catch the Vision!”

In 1902, the railroad decided to establish a new town north of Rock Hill. The town came to be called Prosper, because, as one of its original citizens observed, there had been a prosperous harvest that year. The Methodist Church was the first of the Rock Hill churches to move to Prosper in 1902. Our congregation was the first church in town!

With recent development, Prosper is quickly becoming a bedroom community for the Dallas area. Population projections indicate that Prosper will grow into a city of 85,000 or more. Our congregation has experienced growth in recent years, though not at a similar rate to the Town itself or the school district.

In May of this year, the Administrative Council authorized the creation of a Joel Committee to establish the vision for the church, specifically regarding the church’s facilities. After much prayer and discussion, our vision is as follows:

· To preserve the historic position of PUMC in the community—we were the first church in town!
· Do everything possible to preserve the family feel of our congregation. We want to emphasize community, with family dinners, endless children and youth opportunities, and ministry to all of Prosper and beyond
· A Pastor and Staff that is approachable and closely related to the town and the congregation
· Traditional worship services that reflect a sense of home for all
· After discussing the possibility of acquiring more contiguous property, we determined that the cost and time required would not be in the best interest of the church. We believe we must acquire a large tract of land and relocate our congregation in order to meet the ministry needs of the broader community. Our present facilities, while beautiful, will not sustain our congregation much longer, and may have had a negative impact on growth. The new facility, built in phases, will have:
o Adequate, expandable classrooms for adults and children
o A worship space that seats at least 500
o Recreation spaces, including a modern, safe playground
o Adequate PUMP and Administration facilities
o Foodservice facilities that can meet the needs of a growing congregation
o Plenty of parking space
· If nothing is done:
o Other United Methodist Churches will come to Prosper
o PUMC will have to offer 3-5 Sunday services to accommodate growth
o Our current facilities will continue to decline
o Ancillary parts of the church, like parking space, classrooms, office space, etc. will never support the physical and spiritual needs of the community.
· Other United Methodist Churches in the area, such as First UMC Frisco, Argyle, Wellspring (McKinney) and Celina are either relocating or expanding their facilities in response to growth
· Remember the origin of our Town’s Name: “The Prosperous Harvest”
o “…We will reap at harvest time if we do not give up!” (Galatians 6:9b)

Joel Committee members:
Ron Acker, April Arnold, Troy Brock (chair), Rev. Frank Drenner, Mike Kays, Trudy Lindgren, Mike Lish, Chuck Marshall, Lloyd Rucker, Jill Sentlingar, Cindy Stuber