babies r' us. baby usa. the drenner home. all places expectant parents can go to stock up-- or stork up?-- before baby arrives. yesterday the ladies of the church showed up in great numbers at a baby shower for christy. she came home with a van full of stuff, from blankets to onesies to diapers. it was a very nice gesture, and christy really appreciated it-- and so did i. not so much the stuff, as the fellowship and support. we've been very strategic in our family planning-- this was the third shower in three different congregations!

the official due date is still september 13, but after a sonogram last week we know that baby d3 is already 6 pounds, and christy's doctor does not expect her to make full term. Jesus said, "whenever a woman is in labor she has pain, because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy that a child has been born into the world" (john 16:21). wow.

miles and james are both excited, they think it is hilarious when baby kicks mom. they love looking at mom's tummy and talking to the baby. and no, they do not know the name-- no one does. if james knew, you would know. regardless of where you are! james had his first soccer practice friday, and although my reservations about the sport are well documented, it was fun to see him running around with other 5 year olds in 100+ degree temperatures. he starts kindergarten in two weeks. wow.

so just at home-- not thinking about church, which by the way, has been impossible recently-- there are huge things going on in the family. it's a very exciting time, and i am thankful for every minute. God has truly blessed our family, and that blessing will soon be expanded. we are also happy to be part of a church family who celebrates with us. cassie and kim, and the women's group, thanks for making a special woman feel special yesterday.

p.s. i forgot to mention that i tried in vain to register for very important baby stuff at best buy, circuit city, and tweeter. it was vetoed.


Anonymous said…
How exciting for ya'll. We recently heard from Mark Long that you had been assigned to Prosper UMC. I have been getting to know Mark as I'm on the Board for the Texoma Emmaus Community and Mark is the Spiritual Director. And then Phil was just looking at your website and Viola! Best of luck with Baby #3! Maybe we'll see you around?!? Prosper is not too far from McKinney!