enough already

congratulations to the boston red sox-- world series champions again, the second time in four years. they have won eight consecutive world series games. they beat the previously unbeaten rockies in every possible way over the last few nights. pitching. hitting. defense. experience. whatever the young rockies threw at them, the sox had more. good for them.

anyone alive in the sports world knows that the new england patriots are destroying the nfl. i got a chance to see them first hand at texas stadium a couple of weeks ago. what a machine. the cowboys actually had the lead halfway through the third quarter, but you could tell it would not last. the pats won by three touchdowns. tom brady has thrown 30 touchdown passes in half a season-- troy aikman, cowboys hall of famer, never threw more than 27 in an entire season. next week the undefeated pats play the undefeated colts. yeah, that's right. peyon manning's team hasn't lost either-- undefeated super bowl champs. but everyone wants to talk about the patriots. good for them.

oh and boston college is undefeated, currently #2 in the standings, with little competiton left on the schedule. they stumbled through three and a half quarters the other night, on the road, in the rain, against a good virginia tech team. then with less than 4:00 to go in the game the scored two quick touchdowns and won. good for them.

yesterday i drove in to frisco to catch a movie. without a plan, i chose gone baby gone, a child abduction movie directed by ben affleck, and set in, you guessed it, boston. i had not heard anything about it, didn't know his brother was the star, or that ed harris and morgan freeman were in it. the movie was ok, but sort of unbelieveable at times. i found some of the plot twists implausible at best. and compared to the other boston films of recent years, the excellent mystic river-- directed by clint eastwood and based on a book by the same guy who wrote baby-- and the best picture of last year, martin scorcese's instant classic the departed, it did not measure up.

add to this list the fact that mitt romney, running for president, was governor of massachusetts, and his rival rudy guiliani, known for years as a yankee fan, recently threw his support behind the red sox (what kind of yankee fan would do that??). and the boston celtics figure to be a title contender as the nba season starts this week. this totals up to an overwhelming need to talk about another city in the grand united states of america. believe me, i am happy for long-suffering red sox and patriots fans. but i've always fancied myself a fan of change, and i am ready for the sports/media karma to shift away from boston. at least the bruins stink-- but who watches hockey anymore?

alex rodriguez decided tonight to opt out of the final three years of his contract, making him a free agent for the first time since 2000. back then my team, the texas rangers, gave him the dumbest contract in the history of sports. he lasted three years here, and the team was far worse with him than before or since he left-- although the guy put up great numbers here. his decision is good news for rangers fans, as we'll save about $22 million, which we would still have owed the yankees for taking him away from us. boston certainly can afford his $300 million contract demands on a new deal. maybe a-rod at fenway park is what we need to break this vicious cycle? seems like a long shot, but ten years ago no one expected such great things from the patriots or red sox. ten years ago big name actors and directors were not lining up to make movies set in boston.

in the meantime i'll sip some clam chowder, feast on lobster and boston baked beans, and salute the red sox. and start counting down the days to spring training.