merging traffic

well, the weekend we've been waiting for for nearly a year has arrived: trinity church's old-fashioned tent revival. i am sitting at church right now, waiting for the guys to bring our tent and set it up. it's a 40x40 tent-- huge! and they are bringing 300 chairs, two misting fans, huge lights. another crew will deliver a 16x8 stage. we've run ads in the duncanville paper, as well as the dallas morning news. we've printed flyers, asked for volunteers, prayed... we're ready. for more info on the revival, go to our church's website.

at the same time, i am getting my head ready for my studies in d.c., which begin tuesday. i leave monday afternoon, meaning i will miss half of the revival services. i am cool with that, secure in the knowledge that our intern pastor marie and our planning team will do an excellent job. this washington thing is hard to get my head around. in four days i'll be sitting in a seminary classroom again. of course, for three weeks i have been cramming books, papers, and sermons into my head, so i'll be in academic shape. mental shape? who knows.

i've never been away from christy and the boys for two weeks. four or five days here and there, a full week a couple of times, but never this long. i am not worried about them. i just know it's going to be tough. christy's sister is getting married while i am away, and that's going to be an adventure. i'll miss out on james-isms, like this one from last night:

james: "dad, you're the best."
dad: "thanks."
james: "i was wondering... could i watch more tv?"

or miles-- is he going to take his first steps while i am away? i don't think i would feel bad about it, but i don't want to miss it.

all this just highlights the importance of prayer and a sense of transcendance in one's life. the revival is going to be awesome-- we already know of one adult being baptized, and another joining the church. great speakers, great musicians. d.c. will be fantastic-- great intellectual exercise, sharing of experiences, great town to hang around in for 11 days.

i feel like i am entering a freeway, on a very short ramp, where i don't have a lot of time to get adjusted to the flow-- jump in or get forced out. i know that this convergence is really God's doing, for these events in the life of the church and my own could not happen without God's intervention. i can only pray that God will continue to lay out the path for me, and that i will be open and available to recognize it.

i will do my best to update this while i am in washington.


Anonymous said…
You're a great writer, Frank. I love the highway analogy! Keep 'em coming and God bless.

Anne R.