recon mission

two weeks ago, on the morning i preached at calvary baptist in washington, christy, her mom, and the boys went on a secret trip to prosper for reconnaissance. there were there right as church was letting out, but assured me no one saw them. she reported seeing many young families streaming out.

the sanctuary was built in the 1920s, a very small and intimate place for worship. prosper has two worship services, "contemporary" at 8:30 and "traditional" at 10:45. (just as a side note i don't like those labels. just about everyone uses them, and few know what it means. in a study of the theology of worship i led at trinity a couple of years ago, several different movements in worship throughout Christian history were listed, and the excellent question was asked: which of these was contemporary or traditional in its time?).

there is a lovely education building that was built about four years ago. walking through it, you can sense the laughter and play of children (the church also has a preschool program during the week). considering we now have to sell our home in duncanville (pray for that, please!), we're very happy that prosper church has a parsonage. it's very nice, but when we saw it it was dark and freezing, so you'll have to wait for those pictures! unless you want to see pics of james posing in the different rooms, but you don't want that, do you?


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Congrats, congrats, and congrats!

Anne and family
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