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jeez, do i love moving day! or should i say moving days? i am soooo thankful to mom and dad for keeping the boys this week! it would be nearly impossible for christy and i to keep them happy while we unloaded boxes. james: easy. that kid could watch t.v. 24-7; miles, on the other hand, could care less about the "idiot box." he just wants to be read to and played with. and it's not like we could send them outside: it's been under 40 since we moved in. literally every minute.

i am thankful too for the annual conference moving fund, supported by every congregation's cheerful contribution to their apportionment. based on the distance a pastor moves, he/she is given an allowance. thankfully prosper is far enough away from duncanville that the allowance paid for the movers to pack as well as load and unload. of course once we are unloaded we are on our own, and the fun begins!

while i am on the subject of being thankful, the folks at prosper church have been very generous in our few hours here. we've had all kinds of food brought to us, and even more is being collected at the church for a "pounding." you know, bring a pound of sugar, flour or cyanide (a remedy following the bombed attempt at a first sermon) for the pastor's pantry. it has all been well enjoyed and appreciated.

what is not so fun is the unpacking and putting away. this leaves piles and piles of empty boxes and the filler paper they use in the boxes. don't get me wrong: christy and i move so often that we do not accumulate an extreme amount of junk. in fact, until this move the longest we had lived at one address in our married life was 18 months (some of these moves were our choice, others not). we recently smashed that record at the house we bought in duncanville, up to 19 months!! now we're outta there, and hoping we'll still be in prosper and in this particular house for a while. let's see, 18 months from now would be august 2008. better keep that moving company's info close by!

did i mention the house is amazing? beautifully painted, clean carpets, refinished cabinets throughout, new sink-- spiffy. we're very happy. it's the biggest house we've lived in. now all we have to do is get the duncanville house sold. it's a perfect home for a young family, with or soon-to-be with kids. private park, swimming pool, tennis court, easy access to freeways, quiet neighborhood. ok, susan-- the keys are in your hand! let's get it sold!

thanks to everyone for the support during the move. it's not exactly the best part about being a united methodist pastor (for the record for our baptist friends, who always say something like "yeah, i don't understand that; brother bob was at my church for 34 years," i heard recently that the average baptist pastor moves as often as the average methodist, maybe even more. so there), but we sure get to meet a lot of good people along the way. and i'm looking forward to seeing what prosper's folks have to offer, more than brownies and pizza!


Kathleen said…
I'm so glad that you guys made it up there and are unpacking! We already miss you, but we are thrilled about your new adventure. Keep posting--we will be checking in on you very often!

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