a presidential endorsement

following up on my most recent post, i am not endorsing anyone for president, not personally, not from the pulpit, and not on my car (notice on the back of the van it says WOMEN for obama). this article is an endorsement for senator obama from the very conservative chicago tribune. not only is the article unique in that it is the first time in the paper's history it has supported a democrat for the white house; but in a year where the rhetoric gets worse day by day, the article is respectful and intelligent in its tone. i offer the article not as an endorsement, but because i find it interesting that this has happened:


while i speak about tone, i understand that many people are angry this year. but the fact that people have been allowed to shout things like "terrorist!" and "kill him!," plus comment about an individual's race, and they have not been dismissed from the rally or condemned by those speaking has taken everything to a whole new level. we are talking about a candidate for the presidency of the united states. even if we disrespect the person, we must respect the office.