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A Sunday with a Twist

Last Sunday was an interesting morning at the Drenner home!  During the afternoon Saturday I started to feel a little feverish and achy.  Wanting to wake up well rested, I dropped a couple of Nyquil.  When I woke up at 6:00, I went to the shower, began to feel lightheaded, and fainted.  Christy called 911 and the paramedics came to the house.  By the time they arrived, I felt fine, though groggy.  They thought it best for me to go to the hospital to do some tests as a precaution, despite my numerous objections.  And there was no convincing Christy that I was OK.  So I went.  And it turns out it was just a fluke-- all the tests came back normal and I was home by 10:30. Then I slept until 2:00!

I appreciate so very much the numerous emails, Facebook messages, visits, and offers of meals we received during the illness.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers and concern.  I have been very excited to hear the excellent feedback on Joanne and Tyrell's handling of the services on Sunday.  I know they appreciate your support and encouragement. I was not surprised by this, having the chance to work closely with them every week.  I know of their talent, character, and ability (kudos to our Staff/Parish team, who prayed for and interviewed candidates for months to find the right fits for PUMC).  I am also grateful for Andy, Hila, and Jack Cartwright who came to the house to watch the boys so Christy could go to the hospital.

So the new sermon series we were to begin last Sunday will start this week, reduced from five to four parts.  We'll study the story of the life of one of the great Hebrew prophets, Jeremiah.  His is a long, complicated story to say the least! The first part of the story is especially relevant.  Unlike other prophets who had an experience of calling (Moses at the bush, Isaiah in the Temple, Saul/Paul walking to Damascus), Jeremiah understood God's call on his life literally from his conception.  One could say he could not conceive of his life without God's call upon it.

As we journey through the Season of Lent together, listen for the comforting, challenging, turning your world upside down call of God on your life.  Sometimes we fall away blinded, remove our shoes because of the holiness of the moment, or try to convince God to interrupt someone else's life.  The good, frightening news: God never gives up.  Saying yes to God always leads us to surprising place every time (even an ambulance ride to the emergency room on a Sunday morning!).  And more good news: as a part of a faithful community like PUMC, we belong to one another and step into the gap for each other.  

God says to Jeremiah (and to each one of us): "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you" (1:5).  Our lives belong to God.  When we are well, when we are sick.  When it's Sunday morning and any other time.  When we think we are alone but are really surrounded.  When we think we are weak, but are strong.  When we feel inadequate but are loved beyond what we could ever know.  You are called.  I am called.  We are called.


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