Reading Schedule for God's Politics

A few weeks ago I shared that I will lead a special Lenten study at Custer Road beginning February 10. As we have a presidential election this year-- the Iowa caucuses are next Monday -- it seems like everyone is wondering how Christians will vote (as if we all vote for the same person). Donald Trump just tweeted this:

Or check this out:

(No, I am not endorsing Donald Trump; these just showed up in my timeline as I was writing this.)

Rev Jim Wallis wrote God's Politics nearly a decade ago, but the relationship between politics and faith is as vital as ever. So let's discuss it. Not in a way to endorse one candidate or another; but to understand better how our faith speaks to the issues of the day. Here's an outline-- we'll just go with how Wallis ordered the book:

Feb 10 Part I Changing the Wind: Take Back the Faith/A Lack of Vision/Is There a Politics of God?

Feb 17 Part II Moving Beyond the Politics of Complaint: Protest is Good; Alternatives Are Better/How Should Your Faith Influence Your Politics?/Prophetic Politics

Feb 24 Part III Spiritual Values and International Relations: Be Not Afraid/Not a Just War/Dangerous Religion/Blessed Are the Peacemakers/Against Impossible Odds/Micah's Vision for National and Global Security

March 2 (the day after the Texas primaries) Part IV Spiritual Values and Economic Justice: The Poor You Will Always Have with You?/Poor People Are Trapped-- in the Debate about Poverty/Isaiah's Platform/Amos and Enron/The Tipping Point

March 9 Spring Break; no class

March 16 Part V Spiritual Values And Social Issues: A Consistent Ethic of Life/Truth Telling About Race/The Ties That Bond

March 23 Part VI Spiritual Values and Social Change: The Critical Choice/We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

You can buy a copy of God's Politics here. Register for the class (no charge) here.