Neighborhood Prayer Walk

Neighborhood Prayer Walk

Luke 10:29  “But wanting to justify himself he asked Jesus, ‘And who is my neighbor?’”

Why take a prayer walk? 

The purpose of this prayer walk is to learn more about the neighbors God has given us in the half-mile radius of the church. As you begin, pray “God, thank you for placing our church in this neighborhood.  Give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to discern you working in the people I encounter.  Amen.”


What do you observe? Are there people outside?  Kids playing outside?  What else do you notice?  Be ready to record your observations when you return to church.


Listen to the sounds around you.  Do you hear cars, voices, other sounds?  What kinds of activities are going on in our neighborhood?  Are there people outside?  If it feels natural, while practicing social distancing, strike up a conversation with someone you encounter.  You may even ask how you might be in prayer for them.


As you walk by houses, pray for the people who live there.

Pay attention to how God is already at work in our neighborhood.  What are the signs of people “doing all the good they can?”  People helping others?  People blessing others?

Is God drawing your attention to any unmet needs?  Listen for God to speak in your heart about how as a church we might bless our neighbors.

You may want to pray a breath prayer as you walk.  Choose one of the following (or create your own): Guide my steps …… Bring your kingdom …….. Speak Lord, for your servant is listening …….. Here I Am ..…. Not my will but yours …… When I am afraid, I will I trust you ……. Come, Lord Jesus.