come fly with me!

christy and i take off for our anniversary trip in eight hours! we're returning to britain for the first time since we left there, in july 2000. i was the minister at three churches: lanesfield, hurst hill and upper ettingshall (couldn't find a pic online). we'll spend a few days with rev. chris and ruth parker in london (chris was a pastor in our area when we lived there), go to wolverhampton and visit dave and ann latham (ann has visited us three times in six years, by herself-- dave's not into flying. i'd word that harsher if he were not hosting us this weekend!), including worship at lanesfield.
we go without firm plans, just with the hope of havng great fun with our fear friends (and eating lots of fish and chips-- technically this is a violation of my lenten commitments, but i've talked it over with God and i think we're ok). in our year in england, we only spent three days in london, so of course there is much more to see. note to our friends: whenever we talk to americans about traveling "across the pond," we urge them to get out of londontown and experience britain! who knows if they ever listen...

the boys are here in bay city for nine days with cousins and grandparents. shortly after we arrived last night, james said, "all right, bye mom!" umm, so eager for us to leave, huh? t.v., ice cream, pizza, chicken nuggets, yeah, i can understand.

this trip celebrates both our tenth wedding anniversary (march 30) and christy's 30th birthday (may 16). we made the plans well before we were appointed to prosper, and thankfully the folks there understand. that being said, it's a welcome break-- we've been busy at prosper umc!

so we appreciate your prayers during our travels. and we're praying for you, a. b. r.!