Bridgeport 2017

Greetings from Bridgeport Camp! I'm not sure how many of these I have attended, but honestly they get better every year. The activities mostly do not change year to year; what is different are the relationships. I have several clergy colleagues here, plus I've served here with many of the same counselors over the years.

Here are some highlights so far: evening worship under the stars is amazing. We start after 9:00, so the sun is gone and there is a cool breeze. We have Bible study twice a day- we've learned about creation, and the lives of Moses and Esther. The kids choose fun activities every day, and their biggest moments are at the pool and the gift shop. The other day Linus skipped the more expensive Big Kahuna ice cream sandwich and instead bought two smaller ice cream sandwiches- one for him, one for me. How amazing is that??

And did I mention it's hot??

The kids are out by 11:00, so everyone gets a solid eight hours of sleep. And our cabin has placed 2nd two consecutive days in the cleanest boys cabin competition. Maybe we'll take home the Golden Broom today! Update: Yes! We won the Golden Broom Thursday. This was the second consecutive year my crew one a Golden Broom. 

If you have kids/grandkids in 3-5th grades, make plans to send them to Bridgeport with me next summer- the second week of July. They'll love it. Older kids love Bridgeport too, but Linus is our only elementary kid this year. Let's grow on that for 2018.

Reminder for parents of little ones: this Sunday's sermon is a very serious topic: sexual violence and incest in Genesis. We'll have special opportunities for them outside of the Celebration Center during the sermon at both hours so we can be sensitive to little ears. Older kids, youth, and yes, adults should really hear the message. It's important.

Thanks for allowing me a week at Bridgeport with my son and another 240 or so children. We'll see you Sunday, puffy eyes and all.