Serve Grace

Next week I'll be at Camp Bridgeport with Linus (elementary kids). It's always a fun week of silliness. Each kid is assigned to a Family Group, about 20 students from various churches, for Bible study and relevant activities and games. They also sign up for Interest Groups, which is more traditional camp-type stuff (swimming, archery, hiking, etc.). And adults sign up to help with these activities.

I received an email the other day from one of the Camp Directors asking me to sign up for which Interest Group I'd like to lead. The past couple of years I have worked on the camp newspaper, but it's always iffy if enough kids will sign up for that. I volunteered for Board Games, or "anything that meets inside." So I'll be worn out on Uno by next Friday!

We have lots of opportunities here at Grace to sign up for as well. Our Lay Leadership Team, one time called Nominations, recently revamped our Serve Grace form to help facilitate more folk in ministry. What was once a many-page form is now only a couple of pages. It can be filled out online in less than 10 minutes. So whatever your interest is, I urge you to let us know so we can plug you in. The most frustrating thing is to have great gifts to offer but no one ever reaches out. Fill out the form. It's also frustrating to need help and not know who has the skills! Fill out the form. Here's the link. Please click it and complete the Serve Grace form. Even if you are not new here. Even if you're already doing stuff. It will help us better organize, recruit, and train folk to serve. Thank you.

On another note, I want to give parents a heads-up for next Sunday, July 16. You know we've been rolling through Genesis this summer, with an emphasis on narrative preaching (more of a story telling approach). On the 16th we'll look at some very disturbing stories of sexual violence and incest (Genesis Chapters 19, 34, 38). They are stories that need to be told-- sexual violence is often a taboo subject and ignoring it enables abuse to continue. But we also want to be sensitive to small ears. So during the sermon time we'll have special activities for the kiddos. At 8:30 they can go to the Nursery. At 11:00 Miss Janet will offer an activity in a Sunday school classroom. Please do not stay home from church; in fact, if you have older kids and youth this is a vital message for them.

At Bridgeport, next week's forecast looks sunny, clear, and hot, so any rainy thoughts you could muster would be appreciated!