Flexible Flow

Several years ago at another church,
we noticed that, fairly often, we would need to adjust the worship service on the fly, or week to week we'd decide we didn't care for this worship element to follow that one any more. So we'd change. Then after a couple of weeks we'd change it back. We called this "Flexible flow." A more church-y way to describe this phenomenon is following the leading of the Holy Spirit!

How do you handle flexible flow? For me, it's frustrating. I am a planner, and while I know things happen I do not like to deviate from the plan. It causes me lots of stress. For some of you, you either don't notice or you're not much of a planner anyway, so no big deal. #nbd.

Last week in this space I laid out a timeline for our upcoming building project and capital campaign, but flexible flow interrupted those plans. So we pushed those dates back a few weeks:

Sept 29 & Oct 6: Info sessions, including Q&A from members
Oct 13: Launch Sunday. One service only at 10:00. Catered luncheon.
Nov 10: Commitment Sunday
Nov 24: Announcement Sunday

This flexible flow created some space in our worship planning, so I inserted a new sermon series, which will start after "Weird Bible" ends. Are you ready for some football??

Life Lessons from Football (and Proverbs)
Sept 22-Oct 6
The timing here is perfect (here's the Holy Spirit showing up); we were already hosting the Bearcats varsity football team for dinner September 19, and Sept 20 is SHS homecoming.
Sept 22 Perseverance Wear your favorite team jersey or shirt to worship!
E3 Saturday + Mesa Sept 28- Worship and Tailgate on the new property
September 29 Defeated- dealing with disappointment
Oct 6 You can’t win if you stay on the sidelines! You'll have a chance to find your place on the Grace team and plug in.

Thanks to everyone on staff, as well as the Capital Campaign team, for your flexibility. It's going to be a fun and exciting Fall here at Grace UMC!